Honore de Balzac was married there, Joseph Conrad was born there, Levi-Itskhak, a prominent Hassidic zaddik preached and died there. In 1850, Honore de Balzac married Ewelina Hańska in Berdychiv at St. Barbara Church.

The town of Berdychiv is believed to have been founded in the 11th or possibly even in the 10th century. The first settlers were, in all probability, the Berendey is, people of the steppe who defended the lands, ruled by Kyiv, against incursions of other nomads. The name Berdychiv is thought to have been given to the town by these Berendeyis.

During the visit to Berdychiv In 1832, Balzac became friendly with Eveline Hanska, a Polish countess who was married to an elderly Ukrainian landowner. She, like many other women, had written to Balzac expressing admiration of his writings. They met twice in Switzerland in 1833, the second time in Geneva, where they became lovers; then again in Vienna in 1835.

They agreed to marry when her husband died, and so Balzac continued to conduct his courtship of her by correspondence. To clear his debts and put himself in a position to marry Madame Hanska now became Balzac’s great incentive. He was at the peak of his creative power. In January 1842 Balzac learned of the death of Wenceslas Hanski. He now had good expectations of marrying Eveline, but there were many obstacles, not the least being his inextricable indebtedness. She in fact held back for many years, and the period of 1842-48 shows Balzac continuing and even intensifying his literary activity in the frantic hope of winning her, though he had to contend with increasing ill health. In the autumn of 1847 Balzac went to Madame Hanska’s chateau and remained there until February 1848. He returned again in October to stay, mortally sick, until the spring of 1850. Then at last Eveline relented. They were married in March in Berdychiv, in the Church of Saint Barbara. The newlyweds proceeded to Paris, where Balzac lingered on miserably for the few months before his death.

The Carmelite Monastery of Berdychiv, which can still be visited today, was constructed by Yanush Tyszkevych in 1626, after his long awaited return from being held captive. The monastery would also serve as fortress and its high, strong walls are still as intimidating. Guests to this historical destination in the Zhytomyr Oblast should also visit the Lenin Monument, the Taras Shevchenko Park, the Church of St. Mykolai and the Mariyinska Church that has the Holy Mother of God of Berdychiv icon, safely guarded in its underground chapel. On the exterior wall of the Church of St Barbara that was constructed in 1826, visitors will see a memorial plaque. This plaque commemorates the day that Eveline Hanksa, a rich and beautiful widow, married the French novelist Honore de Balzak in this church. Theirs is a love story that is filled with true love, dedication, devotion and tragedy. Visit to the house – museum in Verhivnya village were the Honore de Balzac live 1847-1850y with Madame Hanska at countryside residence.

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Onore de Balzak
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