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Tour to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station /NPS/ zone is organized with aim to receive additional financing for removing consequences of the explosion. The basic purpose of the trip – the city of Pripyat where it is planned to spend not less than 1,5 hours. Route within the zone provides visiting Chernobyl, seeing of Chernobyl power station and construction known as “Cower” (“Sarcophagus”), dead town of Pripyat and other cities connected with removing consequences of the explosion. Pass the checkpoint “Dytyatky” and enter the “exclusion zone”. Visit to the site of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – an enterprise once employed more than 8000 staff. Observe object “Sarcophagus”- concrete-and-steel shelter covering the radioactive masses and debris left after the explosion. Experience the peace and quiet of the ghost-town Prypyat – all 50000 inhabitants had to abandon their homes the next day after the disaster. Explore the “dead town”, deserted buildings, apartments, schools, hotels, kinder gardens. Level of the radioactivity security during the tour corresponds to international standards. Duration of the tours is 1 day (leaving Kyiv in the morning and returning in the evening). Excursion should be booked not less one week before.

Program of the tour:

Day under the request



Meeting. Registration. The Passport is must in original.

08:00am Departure to Chernobyl NPS. Kyiv-Chernobyl /one-way distance around 150 km /
10:30am Arrival to controlled zone control points “Dytyatky”.

Check the documents /Passport control/ at the check point “Dytyatky”.

10:30am Excursion Part 1. Arrival to Chernobyl city with view: The village Zalissya, The main square of the town of Chernobyl, Fukushima memorial, Illinsky Church /on request/, abandoned Synagogue /on request/, Monument to fire-fighters, Exposition of remotely operated machines, Check point LELIV,   cooling towers on side of unfinished reactors 5 and 6 of Chernobyl’s reactors.
11:45am-12:15pm Excursion Part 2. Visiting of viewing platform of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. Photo of the the Reactor №4. Construction site of a new Sarcophagus.
12:15pm-03:30pm Excursion Part 3. Arrival to Pripyat city with view: Landmark of Pripyat, Red Forest, Bridge of Death, Lenin Street, The main square of Pripyat, Hotel POLISSIA, Restaurant,   Amusement Park, School # 3, Swimming pool, kindergarten and more…
03:30pm-04:30pm Lunch at the café in Chernobyl.
04:30pm Departure.
06:30pm Arrival to Kyiv.

HOT LINE PHONE (WatsApp, Signal, Viber): +380679050861 Alex


DEPARTURE LOCATION Traveler’s centrally located Hotel or Apartment in Kyiv
RETURN LOCATION Tour ends with the hotel drop-off around 06:00pm
DURATION 10 hours
Private tour English speaking representatives (tour guide) of Chernobyl NPS from


Permission of the Chernobyl NPS for the visit zone  Lunch in Chernobyl’s café
Transportation from Kyiv to control points “Dytyatky” by car or by minivan or by mini-bus or by bus and back 08:30am-06:00pm Transportation within The 30th zone
Visiting the city of Chernobyl, the Reactor №4 (the “Shelter”) at the distance about 500 meters, the dead city of Prypyat, Radar system “Chernobyl 2” Radiometric control on Check-points DYTIATKY and LELIV
Insurance within tour. Insurance valid within 30 km zone
Extra services


For the Group tour, offered every day:

  • Full-day guided tour by mini-bus (up to15 persons) –  US$120

Urgent trip to Chernobyl:

  • Urgent request of the tour Today for the day after Tomorrow by mini-bus (up to 15 persons) –  US$150

For the Private tour:

  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by car       (for 1 person) – US$425 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by car         (for 2 persons) – US$240 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by mini-van (for3-6 persons)– US$200 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by mini-bus (6-10 persons) – US$135 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by mini-bus (10-15 persons)– US$130 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by bus        (15-20 persons)– US$125 per person
  • Full-day guided tour with hotel pick-up and drop-off by bus        (20-25 persons)– US$120 per person

Language:   Eng  Ukr

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Tour Reviews

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5 out of 5
April 28, 2017

Day tour to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
In 1986, the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant became the largest nuclear accident ever recorded and there have been none since to equal the devastation. Located about 80 miles north of Kiev, I took a tour offered by Argotour company. It was my second tour with them and it could not have been better managed. I met the van within a 30-minute walk of my hotel and we made a full day of learning under the tutelage of our guide, Sergey. The van was comfortable, explanations in English, excellent lunch and all details of entrance into a tightly restricted area well managed. Our guide carried a Geiger counter to monitor our experience with low doses of radiation which was harmless, but a good precaution nonetheless. There were short walks, the longest about 30-minutes. We trekked through several deserted communities, saw a few dogs and cats, and deserted homes, apartment buildings, schools, and churches. There are still hundreds of workers at the power plant although it doesn’t produce electricity any longer. Plant #4 that exploded has been enclosed to prevent escape of nuclear material, while plants 1, 2 and 3 are inoperative. Workers are still cleaning up and taking measures to render the area safe. It was eerie, but a valuable experience nonetheless. I had a great 12 days in Kiev, there were many highlight, the Chernobyl trip was one of the best. I will never forget all that I learned that day and am most appreciative of the courtesy and expertise of Sergey and the Argotour team.

5 out of 5
September 10, 2017

Day Trip to Chernobyl with Mikhail and Argotour…
Customized day trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, to include the “Woodpecker” radar site, reactor number four and sarcophagus, town of Pripyat, and a one-on-one visit with a local “Samosyel” who has lived in the exclusion zone since 1988. Mikhail, our guide, was wonderful. His level of knowledge of the event was second to none – he played interesting videos during the two-hour minibus transfer, was responsive to our questions, and was the ideal tour guide. He provided a level of insight that I hadn’t heard before, like pointing out abandoned villages and providing their individual stories. Cannot recommend enough.

5 out of 5
May 2, 2018

Best tour possible!
Our tour guide Maxim was amazing and spoke perfect English. He made sure we had most spots to ourselves. All in all a great trip.

5 out of 5
May 3, 2018

Chernobyl Day Tour – fantastic!
My husband has been wanting to visit Chernobyl ever since he learned that tours are, in fact, available. We arranged our trip through Argotour and all was wonderful. Alex responded promptly and professionally to emails and sent all necessary details in a timely manner. We had also arranged through Alex for airport pickup and drop off, which worked out very well.

On the morning of the trip, many tour companies send their vehicles to a central pickup point near Independence Square. The tour guides examine documents (passports) and let you know which vehicle you will ride in. Our guide was Anastasia and the driver, Sasha. Anastasia was very knowledgeable and invited questions throughout the day. Seeing the sights of the historic disaster and hearing the extra information Anastasia provided made for an outstanding experience.

Although it was a 12-hour day, Anastasia’s commentary and the documentaries provided on the bus made the time go quickly.

Thank you, Alex, for arranging this most memorable day for us!

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