Chernobyl National Museum is located in former fire station in lower part of Kyiv in Podil.  It’s designed so that to commemorate over half a million clean-up workers who had sacrificed their life and health since 1986.

More than 7000 exhibits are shown in 5 big halls removed from the secret documents, maps, photos, private things, housekeeping things of rural life from Chernobyl region, Polissya. Many exhibits are exposed for the first time and they help to realize the planetary measures of Chernobyl’s disaster, which must be the last caution about the global nuclear disarmament. The exposition is equipped with all modern technical audio/visual and inquiry facilities, also documentary films are shown.

The museum is full of various symbols. The expulsion area is compared there to the dead apple tree and apples to human lives saved by means of relocation. Village signs have two sides, one showing them safe to live before the accident and other side, which visitors can see leaving the museum after the tour, show same villages dead in black color.

One the first exhibits is the clock stopped to show the time of explosion. There are hundreds of photographs of clean-up workers and their belongings. Some of them are marked with yellow and red radiation symbols which means these people have died and most probably because of the radiation.

Also use a chance to watch a few documentary films about relocation of inhabitants from the town Pripyat on April 27, 1986. Clean-up activities on the roof of the Unit#3, adjacent to destroyed Unit#4, diorama showing step-by-step developments in 1986 explosion and fire, helicopter activities sealing up radioactive elements’ release in the air, building shelter  so called Sarcophagus.

The vault of the memory room shows all continents nuclear plants on them.  Old window frames, now decorated, serve as showcases for some exhibits there. Also possible to see how radioactive clouds moved from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant direction Sweden and covered most European countries up to May 8, 1986. There are two symbolic angels to see in the museum the angel of good and the angel of evil.

Visit this museum to know about the most tragedy incident in the nowadays World.

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DEPARTURE LOCATION Traveler’s centrally located Hotel or Apartment in Kyiv
DEPARTURE TIME 10:00am. In case you have change the time You chosen the time departure in your booking, Sunday not in operate.
RETURN LOCATION Tour ends in Downtown on Podil district
DURATION 3 hours
Private guided tour Walking tour or by transport
Hotel pickup and drop-off Transport by private vehicle, minivan or by minibus (except walking tour)
Entrance fee to the  Museum   /about 2 US$ per person/
Please know that you should pay entrance fees for your private guide
Food and drinks
Extra service
Transportation in case of walking tour
Souvenirs and photos are available to purchase
  • 3 hours guided Walking tour (up to 3 persons) — US$ 60
  • 3 hours guided Walking tour (up to 6 persons) — US$ 70
  • 3 hours guided Walking tour (up to 15 persons) — US$ 90
  • 3 hours guided tour with hotel pick-up by car (up to 3 persons) – US$90
  • 3 hours guided tour with hotel pick-up by minibus (up to 6 persons) – US$ 120
  • 3 hours guided tour with hotel pick-up by minibus (up to 15 persons) – US$160
  • 3 hours guided tour with hotel pick-up by bus (up to 30 persons) – US$180
  • 3 hours guided tour with hotel pick-up by bus (up to 45 persons) – US$220

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