Foto #01 Glavnaya

Lavra Monastery with Treasure House and Microminiatures Museum

Great tour with visit tree Museums located on the upper territory of Kyiv
Foto #1 Glavnaya Park Eternal Glory Kiev

Park Eternal Glory and Museum WWII

Enjoy the time to know the most interesting about Ukraine and its role
Foto #1 Glavnaya

Artist Murals

Kyiv is becoming the art street capital of Europe. New murals, colorful and monochrome,
Foto #1 Pokrovskiy Convent 1889

Temples Churches and Monasteries of Kyiv

Religion life of the Kyiv will be known better if you choose this

Palaces of Odessa

Walking tour of Odessa will know You about Palaces of Odessa. Guide will
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Chernobyl National Museum

Chernobyl National Museum is located in former fire station in lower part of

Kyiv City Tour

Am fascinating meeting with historic architectural monuments of 11th, 12 – 17th centuries.
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Saint Andrew Church and Museum of the History of Ukraine

Saint Andrew’s Church was built by architect Rastrelli in 1767. It’s original iconostasis
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Shooting Gun Range in Kiev

Visit Shooting Gun Range Tour in Kyiv and start getting unforgettable experience in