Lavra Monastery with Treasure House and Microminiatures Museum

Great tour with visit tree Museums located on the upper territory of Kiev

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

The Lavra, a large monastery with 28 hectares of land, got this title

Temples Churches and Monasteries of Kiev

Religion life of the Kiev will be known better if you choose this

Saint Sophia's Cathedral and its’ museums

Since 1934 Saint Sophia’s  has functioned as a museum. Our tour will include

St. Sophia's Cathedral and Golden Gate

Visit the St.Sophia’s Cathedral and Golden Gate what are included to the World

St. Michael Golden Domed Cathedral

In Soviet times the emblem of the city of Kiev wed to be

Kiev's Hermitage-style Monasteries

Feofania, Goloseevo and Kitaevo are known for their former hermitage style monasteries in

Chassidic Grave of Nachman Breslov in Uman

Take the chance to visit the grave of Nachman of Breslov (Hebrew: נחמן מברסלב‎‎), also

Radomysl Castle

Visit to craft’s museums – one in the Lavra and the other of