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Shooting Gun Range in Kiev



Visit Shooting Range Tour in Kyiv and start getting unforgettable experience in shooting with real guns such as: legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 made in USSR (caliber 7.62X39) what is well known in all over the World and Colt Competition Pro CRP-20 Sniper Rifle made in USA (caliber 223 Rem). Shooting Club situated close the Kiev in 30 minutes drive in picturesque countryside.
Shooting tour provides on the Outdoor Firing Range in Kyiv by the targets in distance 15 meters by pistols and by guns and rifles in distance 50 meters, 75 meters and 100 meters.

Take your passport and meet your friendly driver at the hotel’s lobby. Your car will bring you out the city to the training ground. Choose the type of the shooting Package in advance. Receive instruction in the safe operation from the expert instructors. You will have safety training and instruction and the guide will help you with translation. You will be taught by professional instructor how to properly handle this weapon. Put on your protective gear, load the ammunition and be ready to shoot at your target. Experienced instructor will ensure your safety. You can shoot 10 bullets from AK47. More bullets are in additional payment. When you have been satisfied with shooting AK47, you will be offered to shoot also Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 sniper rifle with 10 bullets.
Also you have a nice chance to inspect in extra Steyg AUG, sniper rifle Austria, Hatsan Escort AimGuard pump shotgun Turkey, Glock-17 pistol shots Austria, Glock-34 pistol shots Austria, Walter 1911 Colt Rail Gun pistol shots Germany,  Mosin- Nagant USSR 1937 y. issue, SIC Sauer Mosquito pistol Germany, Beretta 92 FS pistol Italy, HS-40 Sub-Compact pistol Croatia, Sphinx SDP Compact pistol Swiss, Tanfoglio Stock III pistol Italy, Norinco CQ-A gun China, NEA-15 gun Canada, Bushmaster XM15 Patrolmans gun USA, POF-USA Puritan gun USA, Savage MSR 15 Patrol gun USA, DPMS G2 Recon gun UAS, Kriss Vector SBR/CPB Gen II  and etc..

This individual military tour with friendly guide will give you plenty of positive emotions!

 HOT LINE PHONE (Viber, WatsApp): +380679050861, +380954424243  Alex 


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 Package #1

10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 USSR (7,62*39 mm)

10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20, sniper rifle USA (223 Rem)

Totally 20 shots with Safety Training, equipment and Instruction, transportation, English speaking guide

  • Package #1 (1 person in group,   price per 1 person)– US$ 140
  • Package #1 (2 persons in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 90
  • Package #1 (3 persons and more in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 75
  • Package #1 (11 persons and more in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 60
  • Package #1 (15 persons and more in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 45


Package #2 

10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 USSR (7,62*39 mm)

10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 sniper rifle USA (223 Rem)

10 bullets  M4 Carbine USA (5,56*45mm)

10 bullets Hatsan Escort AimGuard pump shotgun Turkey  (12/76 mm)

10 bullets Glock-17 pistol shots Austria (9*19mm)

Totally 50 shots with Safety Training, equipment and Instruction, transportation, English speaking guide

  • Package #2 (1 person in group,   price per 1 person) – US$ 190
  • Package #2 (2 persons in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 145
  • Package #2 (3 persons and more in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 130


Package #3

10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 USSR (7,62 *39 mm)

10 bullets Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 sniper rifle USA (223 Rem)

10 bullets Steyg AUG, sniper rifle Austria (223 Rem)

10 bullets Hatsan Escort AimGuard pump shotgun Turkey  (12/76 mm)

10 bullets M4 Carbine USA (5,56*45mm)

10 bullets Glock-17 pistol shots Austria (9*19mm)

10 bullets Beretta 92 FS Gun pistol shots Italy (9*19mm)

Totally 70 shots with Safety Training, equipment and Instruction, transportation, English speaking guide

  • Package #3 (1 person in group,   price per 1 person) – US$ 240
  • Package #3 (2 persons in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 190
  • Package #3 (3 persons and more in group, price per 1 person) – US$ 170



  • Mosin- Nagant USSR 1937 year 10 shots: 55$     20 shots: 75$     30 shots: 95$, + every 10 shots 20$
  • PPSH41 USSR 1942 year.                10 shots: 40$     20 shots: 50$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 10$
  • MP-38 Germany 1942 year             10 shots: 40$     20 shots: 50$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 10$
  • Savage MSR15 USA 10 shots:        10 shots: 50$     20 shots: 65$     30 shots: 80$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • Kriss Vector SBRCPB Germany 10 shots: 50$     20 shots: 65$     30 shots: 80$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • Bushmaster ACR, USA                 10 shots: 30$     20 shots: 45$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • Steyr AUG, Austria                        10 shots: 30$     20 shots: 45$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • M4, Colt USA                                    10 shots: 30$     20 shots: 45$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • M14Z, USA                                        10 shots: 30$     20 shots: 45$     30 shots: 60$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • Taurus 444 pistol Brasil,              10 shots: 50$     20 shots: 65$     30 shots: 80$, +every 10 shots 15$
  • Beretta pistol, Italy                        10 shots: 25$     20 shots: 35$     30 shots: 45$,  +every 10 shots 10$
  • SIG Sauer pistol, Germany         10 shots: 25$     20 shots: 35$     30 shots: 45$,  +every 10 shots 10$
  • Glock 17 pistol, Austria                10 shots: 20$     20 shots: 30$     30 shots: 40$, +every 10 shots 10$

Operate 9am-6pm on: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time starting: 09am and 01pm Institutskaya street 4. Please sign up for the tour.


Additional information

Confirmation will received at the time of the booking. Cheap Shooting Range in Kiev is open from 09am till 06pm. That’s why tour can be done at any time what you want at these period according to the available time in the Club’s schedule. We will advise you available time for spots and you will choose the one that suites you. Possibility for shooting at 2 different guns in 1 tour – World famous Kalashnikov AK47 USSR and Colt Competition PRO CRP-20 USA Sniper Rifle where minimum shooting age is 18 years. Make sure you took your passport, they will need it to sign you in before you can shoot. Please do not forgot keep your target when you finish.





DEPARTURE LOCATION Traveler’s centrally located Hotel or Apartment in Kiev

or Meeting point Institutskaya street 4, close the Independence Square.

DEPARTURE TIME 09am and 01pm. Flexible. You chosen the time departure in your booking
RETURN LOCATION Tour ends with the hotel drop off in Downtown.
DURATION 3 hours
Hotel pickup and drop-off Transport by private vehicle or minibus
3 hours Shooting Range tour from Kiev English speaking escort
Entrance to the Shooting Club 3 Types of the Shooting Packages for choose 1 of them
Safety Training, equipment and Instruction Explore  the experience in shooting with real guns
Tour includes round transfer from the hotel and back to the Kiev
Food and drinks
Extra service
Photos are available


Tour Reviews

4.96 based on 25 reviews
April 9, 2018

Great experience for first timers!
Myself and a couple of friends were looking for activities around and came across this on Tripadvisor. Although I am not a gun nut myself, the experience was very enjoyable and the English speaking guide was really helpful. You get to shoot a variety of guns in a couple of different settings, and can keep the shooting targets as proof of your accuracy! Would recommend.

May 20, 2018

Gun range trip!
This was a fantastic way to spend a morning. Driver came to collect us from our apartment and dropped us back. He explained all about our experience and was also really helpful in giving us ideas for the rest of the day. The shooting was great fun all the instructors were really helpful and managed to help both me a novice and my boyfriend who has lots of experience

June 1, 2018

Had a great time shooting, our guide-instructor was very good and highly recommended.

June 30, 2018

A great experience with friendly and helpful staff.
Myself and two friends decided on the 5 gun package.
We weren’t disappointed!
None of us had any prior experience with fire arms. All the staff were very helpful, safety minded and informative and we had a blast with the guns that we used.
I`d highly recommend this activity if you have 3-4 hours to spare on your trip to Kiev.

October 1, 2018

Great experience, Good instructor…..!
The driver was very nice with good english speaking. He allowed me to sit inside his car when outside was raining in shooting place. The instructor also speak good english, he has so much patient to teach me how to use the gun, and what is the best position to hold the gun. They gave me compliments always. After the whole tour, driver (sorry i forget his name) always care about my needs, asked me if i need to go to toilet, and on his car, he said he can take me to the coffee shop to have some coffee or tea, then he also asked me anywhere I want to go, he can send me there. Anyway, I enjoyed the shooting and would recommend you join this tour.

November 17, 2018

Really awesome and fun experience. The staff is very professional and friendly. Definitely worth experiencing. A must do if you’re in Kiev for women and man

November 25, 2018

Great experience!!
This was suuuch a good experience! I had the simplest package, but wish i would have bought a bigger one cause it was so fun. Great guide! Great location, and a really friendly owner. I forgot a bag with my hat in it, and they drove it to hotel without me even asking. The hotel is 40 minutes from the location. Such a kind gesture!

January 11, 2019

One of the Best Things I Ever Did
Had a blast at the Shooting Range…far more than I expected and I was already over excited. Learned a lot at the same time.
Picked up on time at my hotel by Alex, great guy and professional. The instructors were all ex-army and their professionalism is evident from the outset. First and foremost was the safety and procedures. Then we got straight into it. AKM, Sniper with scope…etc. In all, 5 different type guns were used and covered various distances and targets.
Hot teas and coffees helped thaw my fingers as it was minus 8 degrees that day in January.
The experience was the highlight of my Kiev weekend.

January 27, 2019

Het was echt een heel leuke ervaring ! Ze geven Goede instructies en het is zeker de moeite waard om eens te doen !

February 14, 2019

Fun and a excellent guide who did everything right 😉 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
The tour guide spoke excellent English (which is not very common in Ukraine) he was polite and did everything like a pro. The guns were in good condition and my feeling was that everything was very professional. Thank´s for a great time. I will come back……

February 16, 2019

Trip to Kiev shooting range…
Driver collected from hotel on time. English speaking very friendly helpful and knowledgable . Trip to range took around 45 to an hour but well worth it. Staff at range professional and helpful. Weapons all top grade and package as advertised . Excellent trip with good people who I would totally recommend for a trip to this exciting package.

March 10, 2019

Nice experience if you never shot before real guns!
We visited the shooting range with 5 people (package 3) and had a lot of fun.
The transfer from the hotel to the shooting range was very comfortable.
The guns are only available with semi-automatic fire mode, no auto-fire – but this is normal due to legal reasons in Ukraine.
Professional briefing!
If i have to criticize one thing, it will be the missing seat bealts in the bus.

April 8, 2019

Amazing Experience!
Had a fantastic afternoon with the guys at the shooting range. From pick up to drop off everything went really smoothly and was well explained. Very professional and the whole place was really well maintained. Would highly recommend!

April 14, 2019

An excellent trip to the range, pickup by driver a really friendly chap, very informative and interesting to talk to.
The instructor at the range was great, very professional, very pleased with how well I shot, it’s been a while. A great selection of weapons , all spot on and perfectly maintained.
Highly recommend it.

April 17, 2019

Great experience!!!
We agreed with Alex to meet by the Ukraina Hotel by the maiden Square. From there he drove 30mn roughly to the range.
Alex briefed me on how to use the different weapons before the instructor took over, so I benefited from two sets of instructions, which was great for a first timer.
Everyone speaks good English, there is a wide range of weapons, all in stirling condition.
I went for package 3 and bought extra Ak47 bullets for a last round. Alex helped me to immortalise this moment by taking a number of cool pics.
It was fun, safe, varied and informative. I enjoyed myself.
All the best, Yidhir

April 29, 2019

Erg gaaf om een keer mee te maken, aardige instructeurs. Wel erg prijzig.

May 2, 2019

Séance de tirs extra ! Mon conjoint s’est régalé. Une expérience à vivre ! Il avait pris le package 2, avec 5 armes différentes

May 7, 2019

Great experience
Staff are super friendly and are really helpful.
They explained in so much detail how to use the guns And tried to relax you as much as possible
Even tho it was nerve racking hearing gun shots every second!
If anything there too laid back (haha) but it’s controlled, they just don’t impede your experience.

We shot a glock first with 10 bullets
m4 10 bullets
Ak47 10 bullets
Shot gun 10 bullets
And sniper rifle 10 bullets
All the guns were amazing to use and it just shows you how hard it can be just to pull a trigger on a real gun!
The shot gun was the most exciting one to video as you can put it in slow motion and watch it back and it looks really cool seeing your body react to the kick back off the shot!
I would defiantly recommend the experience!
And will do it again in the future!

May 10, 2019

Fun at the gun range
Had an awesome time with our tour guide Alex and our instructors were great. We really enjoyed the gun range and the opportunity to upgrade our packages.

May 13, 2019

Review from visit in may 2019
Very good and nice instructors, outdoor range. Unique experience. I recommend going for package 2 or 3 due to the many types of guns you can try out. The instructor we had was a fun guy, ex-military. He trains military personal at this shooting range aswell. Considering the broad ammount of guns available and special ammunnition including pick up and drop off I think pricewise it’s a fair amount they are asking for this tour. When I have the opportunity I would certainly go again

May 30, 2019

Shooting range in Kiev
Thoroughly enjoyed this experience! Probably the highlight of the holiday (Chernobyl included!).
Meet at the hotel and pick up very easy, driver takes you to the countryside (40 mins drive) where you’re met by instructor and shown the guns. Alex was very funny and showed us how to stand and hold the guns, gave us the history of each one and even let us shoot a few rounds from guns that we hadn’t paid for which was a really nice touch. We got to keep our targets too which was great!
All in all, definitely worth doing and I will be recommending to all who visit Kiev! Suitable for either beginners or seasoned pros as you’re given as much freedom to do what you feel comfortable with (eg. Alex/the instructor will help you if you need or just let you do your thing!)

June 14, 2019

An absolutely wonderful experience 10/10
An absolutely wonderful tour!
Alex is an incredible tour guide, and made the tour a great experience. I am an American traveling Europe, and this tour was one of the highlights. Very little shooting experience, but I can’t imagine a similar experience in America. Picked me up right from the hotel, and after the 30 minute drive, I was shooting right out of the gate. Would recommend to anyone. An unforgettable experience.

Best shooting tour in Kiev. Check them out!

June 15, 2019

Highly recommended.
We were collected by Alex, who was courteous, informative and a great guide. The range is secure and safety rules are followed at all times. The instructor, Alex, was professional and took time with each person to explain how to use the guns and make the most of the experience. Great afternoon out.

June 25, 2019

“Molto bello!”

June 30, 2019

Super Kleingruppe – alles hat hervorragend geklappt!
Die Abholung am Hotel war sehr pünktlich, der Fahrer hat uns alles schon auf der Fahrt erklärt, der Instruktor war ein sehr erfahrener Schütze mit Donbass-Erfahrung. Man ist auf alle unsere Wünsche eingegangen, hat uns sehr gut alles gezeigt und erklärt, gelobt und geholfen. Alle waren sehr kompetent und sehr nett. Eine sehr große, zusätzliche Waffenauswahl, man kann jederzeit noch weiter Waffen ausprobieren und auch weiter Munition dazukaufen. Der Schießplatz liegt etwa 30km außerhalb von Kiew, ist eine Naturbahn und überdacht. Wir durften unsere Zielscheibenblätter mitnehmen.

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