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Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and its’ museums



Since 1934 Saint Sophia’s  has functioned as a museum. Our tour will include visit to the cathedral, refectory church and metropolitans house. Only five Byzantine Churches of Kiev have survived to our days. There are Trinity church on the top of the Lavra holy gate, no medieval interior decorations left, St. Michael’s in Vydubichi monastery , small fragments of XI century’s frescoes left, “Our Savior in Berestovo” church, fragment of XII century’s fresco left, and St. Cyril’s Church, 800 sq. meters of XII century’s frescoes left, and Saint Sophia’s with its sizeable collection of Byzantine-style objects of art.

Saint Sophia’s was built in XI century. It still has mosaics 260 sq. meters (some of them were uncovered in XIX century) and  frescoes 3000sq.meters  (covered with plaster and baroque  murals and uncovered with the help of X-ray technology). Also, You will see fragments of XI century and mosaic and ceramic flour, marble thresh-holds, state-stone slabs with vault structure containing clay pots and cathedral’s rather shallow foundations.

Learn about miracle-working icon of Saint Nicholas the Wet (now in the city of New York), sarcophagus attributed to Grand Prince Vladimir II Monomakh (married to the daughter of Harold from the battle Hastings 1066y.), and etc.

St. Sophia’s icons-stand dates back to XVIII century. It has icon of Divine Wisdom depicting 7 virtues bringing us to it-faith, hope, love, purity, humility, grace and glory and 100-kilo silver gate (luckily not melted down in 1930-ies and returned to its original place in 2008). St. Sophia’s still has baroque murals depicting the flood with Noah’s ark, dooms day with Heavenly Jerusalem and one of the miracles by St. archangel Michael in Greece.

St. Sophia’s has XII century’s mosaics and frescoes from St. Michael’s Colden Domed Cathedral. One of them depicting the Holy Communion – was cut into over 30 fragments to be moved to St/Sophia’s, reassembled and put on display. Small-size mosaics and frescoes were taken to Germany in 1943 and returned to Kiev in 1947.  The mosaic of St. Stephan visited London and Bonn not long time ago.  In 2010 St. Sophia’s got a new mosaic of the Virgin Mary. It is made of 15000 wooden Easter eggs.

In the Resurrection refectory church (XVIII century) You will see mosaic flour and pinkish-color state sarcophagus (attributed to Grand Prince Olga) from the Tithe church, X century. The metropolitan’s house, plundered in early Soviet time, has lovely stoves, both original and reconstructed ones. It also has two chapels inside. Also, possible to climb 76-meters tall Bell Tower to enjoy the view of St. Michael’s and other buildings around. Optional visit bakery building for temporary exhibitions on art and history.


DEPARTURE LOCATION Traveler’s centrally located Hotel or Apartment in Kiev
DEPARTURE TIME 10:00am. Flexible. You chosen the time departure in your booking.
RETURN LOCATION Tour ends at Downtown close to St.Sophia’s Cathedral
DURATION 3 hours
Private guided tour Walking tour
Transport by private vehicle or by minivan or by minibus Tour includes transportation and pickup and hotel drop-off (except walking tour)
Entrance fees /about 2 US$ per person/
Food and drinks
Extra service
Transportation in case of walking tour
Souvenirs and photo are available to purchase

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