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Museum of Cosmonauts in Zhytomir



We invite You to enjoy the private trip with back to the time of the foundation of the World Astronautics. You will visit the technology Museum of Cosmonauts in Zhitomir and the Memorial Museum House dedicated the Sergey Korolyov who had designed the World’s first Spaceship which took Yuri Gagarin The First Cosmonaut in the space on 12 April 1961.

First you will know the history of the missiles constructor Sergey Korolyov with visit the house were he was born. In little house with 5 rooms in the center of the city Zhytomir very interesting exposition from the time of his born. Museum was opened in 1970 with the help of mother of the engineer. 5-th room at the house is a exposition of COSMOS with a lot of private things, pictures papers and copies of rockets.   Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov (1907-1966) is widely regarded as the founder of the Soviet space program. Korolyov led the development of the world’s first ballistic missile, known today as R-7, which became a base for a long-lasting family of space family of space boosters, carrying Soviet cosmonauts into orbit for decades to come.

Museum of Cosmonauts with The Museum Memorial House of S.Korolyov around 11,000 exhibits related to rocket and space exploration, including the SOYUZ 27 reentry module with the signatures of the Soviet time cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Georgy Grechko, a small sample about 9 grams of Lunar soil in special round glass where totally 18 tiny grains what constituted elements are slag, agglutinates, gabbros, limonite basalt pyroxenes, and others. Touch your attention to full-size replicas of a complete SOYUZ SPACECRAFT, the VOSTOK 1 descent module, and the LUNOKHOD2 lunar rover, also a Trainer suit TNK-1 it was worn by the cosmonauts for physical exercises on board the orbital station SALYUT-6. Also you can found a collection of the Meteorite from the Space, includes a fragments of meteorite some Gibeon, Namibia founded in 1838 with the Origin from Asteroid belt and age of 4.6. billion years, Meteorite Campo del Cielo with elements Fe92.6%, Ni 6.68%, Co.0.43% and P 0.25%. Take a space chair and listen space music. Exposition of the museum is different and offer to explore the engine of the missile, little copies of the Soviet time space rockets, space-suit, meal for cosmonauts, equipment, pinks, books about the space, exposition of the first Ukrainian cosmonaut Leonid Kadenyk. Some exhibits are from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and from Zvyozdny gorodok – the space training center known in English as Star City.

After the visiting the museums You can enjoy the 2 hours City Tour of Zhytomir and know a lot of highlights of the town and on the back way to Kiev you can visit the Radomysl Castle in optional.

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DEPARTURE LOCATION Traveler’s centrally located Hotel or Apartment in Kiev
DEPARTURE TIME 08:00am. Flexible. You chosen the time departure in your booking
RETURN LOCATION Tour ends with the hotel drop-off
DURATION 7 hours or 10 hours full day tour
Private guided tour Local professional guide
Hotel pickup and drop-off Transport by private car, minivan or minibus
Private 7 hours tour of the Museum of Cosmonauts and Museum Memorial House S.Korolyov  Private 10 hours trip of the City tour of Zhitomir, Museum of Cosmonauts, Museum Memorial-House of S.Korolyov, Radomysl Castle
Tour includes round transfer from the hotel and back to the Kiev
Entrance fees: Museum of Cosmonauts /about 1 US$ per person/, Radomysl Castle /about 6 US$ per person/
Souvenirs and photos are available to purchase in museums
Food and drinks


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