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Criminal Odessa



Know about other side of the Odessa life –about it criminal history. Criminal life of Odessa began from those far seasons, when director of Odessa customs house Kirjakov, that “to pull out assignments” on civil work in port foisted off to emperor Paul I a bribe – three thousand… oranges. And then the imperial decree about free port (a wave of harbour) of Odessa has involved in city set businessmen from all the Europe and Russia which “washed” capitals, and right behind them to Odessa have rushed lumped – fluent convicts, deserters, tramps, adventurers.

The city is madly rich, city – port. A nutrient medium for the underworld unique. To all underground labyrinths – Catacombs where it is possible to hide stolen goods and to disappear from police. Odessa was arena of activity legendary lady she has a nickname Sonka the Gold Handle. Her true name is Shendlya Solomoniak, and she was born in place Povonszky near Warsaw in 1846. At the early age unsurpassed pickpocket, She has passed in mature years to louder performances which obviously specified uncommon artistry of the author. On Moldavanka the recognized head of the Odessa mafia, Michael Jakovlevich was born, as well-known Mikhail Yakovlevich Vinnitsky. Under a name of Beni Krik he is known to everyone who read ” the Odessa stories ” of Isaak Babel. On Moldavanka – one of areas of Odessa the supreme thieves’ academy, preparing “staff” operated not only For Russian empire, but also on export. Former robber Mojsha Oks (on nickname Kailych) headed an educational institution.

Except for all other, in Odessa lived and “worked” It is left Backs – the chief Mahnovskaya investigations, Shiko Yablochko, Numa Kotov and many other persons known and not so. About all these in more detail you can learn if you choose excursion Criminal Odessa.

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